Freemate DH 017 TFB
Freemate DH 017 TFB
February 6, 2015
Freemate DH 07 T
February 19, 2015

Freemate DH 037 TFB

  • Acoustic Shock Protection for the Receiver
  • Static Shock Protection for the Microphone
  • Flexible microphone boom with Noise Cancellation Microphone
  • Adjustable headband, Right & Left and Up & Down for comfortable wearing

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USB adapter cable

  • USB Digital Headset Microphone
  • The USB Digital Headset is simple to use.
  • Simple plug into a USB port and experience support sound quality.
  • USB 2.0 compliant
  • Support 8/16-bit mono/stereo recording and up to 24-bit playback
  • Independent adaptive sample rates of 6.4 to 48KHz for USB recording and playback (enhanced fullduplex)
  • Speaker channel frequency response 20~20,000Hz
  • Superior singal-to-noise ratio.
  • No soundcard needed.
  • USB plug & play chip
  • Complete Digital Soundcard with DSP technology
  • Clear live voice transmission with VoIP
  • Digital-in-line receive volume control
  • In-line microphone (Tx) Mute with LED indicator
  • Headset rapid release connector
  • No driver for Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • Hook On/Off control button with VoIP software (Softphones)
  • Rx volume control switch
  • Tx Mute switch
  • Software : None required
  • Compatible with MS Lync
2. Speaker
  • Size : 36mm
  • Diaphragm : Polymer 9u
  • Magent : Rare earth magnet
3. Microphone  Electri Condensor Microphone



 1. Impedance  32ohm ± 15%
2. Sensitivity 98dB S.P.L/Mw (1K) ± 3dB
3. Nominal Input Power 100mV with IEC-318 Coupler
4. Max. Input Power 100mW white noise for 1 minute
5. Rated Input Power 500mW
6. Freq. Range 0Hz ~ 7.5Hz
7. Polarity When a positive DC current is applied to the terminal marked (+), diaphragm shall move forward
8. Distortion Less than 5% at 1KHz, 50mW




 1. Sensitivity  -35dB ± 3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz)
2. Impedance Max. 2.2Kohm
3. Directivity Bi-Directional (Noise cancellation)
4. Freq. Range 50Hz ~ 20KHz
5. Sensitivity Reduction Within -3dB at 1.0V
6. Standard power suppply 1.5V DC
7. Current consumption Max. 300 Micro A
8. S/N Ratio More than 50dB
 CORD  Sheath  Poly Ure-Thane
Conductor 3 Conductors 1 ShieldSupported by 1 Kevlar and tensile
Breaking Strength Not less than 15LBS
Resistance Not exceed 0.3ohm per meter
Wire Flex Life Must function after 2,000 flex cycles
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